Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kayaking in Cold Spring

It was about 85 degrees out, compelling me to get out of Manhattan and cool off. So my friend and I journeyed up the Hudson River to kayak in Cold Spring, NY. Trains leave about every hour from Grand Central Station, and take about an hour and twenty minutes. The ride is gorgeous, as the train snakes up the Hudson River, providing views of the river and hills beyond. Once at Cold Spring, the kayak shop Hudson Valley Outfitters is less than a 10 minute walk from the station, on Main Street. (make a reservation in advance.) They have lots of cool outdoor gear for sale which I restrained myself from buying as I have zero room in my miniature NYC closet.  You'll sign waivers and pay and then walk down to the water to get fitted for your kayak. Kayaks are about $20 per hour, and they also offer fully guided tours. We just rented on our own and were fine.

Getting hooked up with kayaks (put your stuff in a plastic bag and you can store it in the kayak)
The scenery is beautiful, and the bay is calm and easy for beginner kayakers like myself.
You can also kayak in Constitution Marsh - enter under a very low bridge to get there. We kind of had to duck to fit under since it was getting close to high tide.

We saw a bit of the marsh, including these ducks and some crazy flying fish and want to come back to explore further (there is a lot to see- it is fairly extensive with lots of wildlife)
After, we chilled at a park along the water, and then went for some beers at the Cold Spring Depot, an outdoor restaurant/ bar in the old train station. 

The waterfront was charming with a little gazebo and some B&Bs. We ate dinner at the Hudson House Inn (blue building) which had a pretty cool little bar area & fireplace that would be super cozy in the wintertime.
Cold Spring is a super-easy, relaxing day trip! Anyone have any additional Cold Spring tips?

Introduction to the NY Escapist

Welcome to The New York Escapist! This blog is designed for escapists of all kinds - outdoor enthusiasts, art lovers, foodies, borough explorers and people who love the idea of getting on a train or subway and ending up somewhere they've never been before, in or out of NYC.

We all love lazy weekends in New York, full of brunches and shopping and catching up on the DVR list, but sometimes crave a little more adventure. There are tons of hidden gems in NYC, and also on the outskirts where you can forget about screeching taxis, weekend subway disruptions and forty-five minute brunch waits.

I am writing this blog to prompt myself to find more escapes in and out of NYC. I hope you are able to enjoy some of these escapes, and I would love to hear tips from readers as well!