Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bobsledding in Lake Placid

Hello NY Escapist fans! I've been slacking, I know. Any of you northeasterners know that the weather up here has not been so conducive to outdoor escapes, but hopefully we are on the up & up with weather if today is any indication! I did have one outdoor escape this past winter that was pretty unique - bobsledding on an official Olympic bobsled track. My fellow bobsledder claimed it was his "life long dream." Yes it's $79 a person, and yes it lasts under a minute, but it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience (though they offer 20% off your next ride, so it doesn't have to be.)

Please enjoy a few photos of the experience! In keeping with the custom of the New York Escapist blog, the identity of bobsledders remains unknown. But those in the know might recognize the wearer of a green puffy coat. Our grey ski-jacketed bobsledders perhaps remain incognito.

A few other notes..... you (obviously) get to wear some cool gear like the huge padded helmet. You are accompanied by a professional driver and brakeman (thank God, because you reach about 60mph!)... and the best part... they announce your "name" over the loud speaker for the entire complex to hear. This is your opportunity to return to your childhood and select a creative name ala Bart Simpson like "Hugh Jass" or "Mike Rotch." Ours was more of an insider joke -"Lolly Bob Job".... I can't even remember exactly what it means but it was conceived by nine 30+ year-olds tucked away in a snowy Lake Placid cabin with too much booze.
After your sled, you receive a bobsled lapel pin, a 4x6 commemorative team photo, t-shirt, sticker and membership in the U.S Bobsled & Skeleton foundation (not sure what that entails, but maybe you can impress people on your Facebook.)
Bobsledding is unfortunately closed until next November, but you can check out all of the details on the official website Lake Placid Bobsledding and start planning your trip to Lake Placid now. Oh, and there's skiing and a cute town there as well, but perhaps I can string this escape out into another post!

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